Exclusive Offer For Lion Zeal Mastermind Community Members: The "Simple Quote Sheet" That Helps You Turn Your Business Around, From Losing Money, To Profitability - In No Time!

This simple and easy-to-use tool will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes that first time freelancers make when quoting for projects, and how to save thousands in lost revenue.

  • Do you get to the end of a project and wonder why you made no money?
  • Do you keep having unforeseen costs eat into your profit?
  • Do you find it takes you hours to quote for a job and when you are done you still lose money?
  • Do you keep giving clients a price based on what you THINK you should be getting rather than what the market will pay?
  • Do you have no idea where to start when putting together a quote?

Do your quotes always come up short of the actual cost for a project?

Does it seem like there is always that one thing you didn’t account for that completely eats up your profit margin?

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody else had already made these costly mistakes, learnt from them, and built a simple tool that your grandmother could use?

You need a quoting tool that focuses on making sure you get paid for all your hard work!

Hi, my name is Branko, and I’m an operational consultant that helps businesses identify where they are bleeding money.

I teach business owners like you, how to come up with solutions to their cash-flow problems. I’ve worked for one of the biggest retail groups in Australia for over a decade and bring you years of my management and operational experience.

I’ve spent the last two years working closely with several colleagues and entrepreneurs like you,  to find out how they could go from breaking even or losing money, to running a profitable enterprise. I’ve worked with freelancers, consultants, online retailers, developers and marketing agencies. You name it, I’ve helped them.

Working with so many different people and businesses, I’ve found a scarily consistent issue that all business owners have. Whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for a number of years.

Most business owners find that by the end of a project or a job, they have either made very little, or in some cases, no money at all. In the worst cases business owners even lose money. Now i don’t know about you, but if you’re working long hours to give away money, you’re running a charity NOT A BUSINESS!

Doing any kind of client work can be a tricky business. There are all sorts of issues that can crop up and eat into the budget. Such as:

  • Inexperience
  • Dealing in unfamiliar currencies
  • Project or scope creep
  • Failing to account for all expenses
  • Failing to factor in your tax liability
  • Budget overruns due to client delay
  • Budget overruns due to staff delay
  • Budget overruns due to constant change requests

I could go on...

One day I was helping a colleague of mine and trying to explain to them this concept of charging the right way. They were struggling to understand it, so i figured I’ll make this as easy as possible for them. I created a simple tool that makes it super easy to factor in all the possible issues when quoting. And then make sure that calculations were happening at the RIGHT TIME IN THE SEQUENCE to make sure the numbers didn’t get skewed in the wrong direction. The tool also had to be fast, my friend needed a quote in a short amount of time and the way she was currently quoting took her a whole afternoon to come up with a simple quote.

I created this "Simple Quote Sheet" initially just to help out a friend. I had no intention of doing anything more with it.

She was so happy with what I created for her, that she raved about how it helped her change the process she used to quote for a job, and completely changed the way she thought about charging out work to clients. Next thing I know, her colleagues were asking her if it was ok if she shared it with them in their weekly mastermind.

The wheels started to turn. I figured, well if it was that useful for one person, let me see if this is not useful for people running completely different businesses. So I agreed to let her share this tool with her friends.

Check Out What They Had To Say About The "Simple Quote Sheet"

This tool has made me so much money. The project quoting spreadsheet has completely changed my business. Before I would constantly underquote because I would forget a cost, or underestimate how long something would take to complete, etc. - I would work so hard and couldn't figure out how I always ended up losing money. Now I can make sure that everything is covered and also that I make a profit on every job. it helps me cover the cost of my business operations AND grow my business to the next level. It takes quoting out of my hands so I don't guess or "wing it" - the #1 rule of quoting new projects is you MUST use the quoting spreadsheet. I lose money every time I break this rule and always make a profit when I follow it. Highly recommended to any entrepreneur or freelancer who quotes regularly for new projects.

Rachel Mazza
Rachel Mazza RM Media And Marketing

This tool has been so helpful, allowing me to give accurate quotes to clients immediately (and helping me to quote according to the real costs of my business, rather than my feelings!). It's very simple to use & I can recommend it for any service business.

Laura Hanly
Laura Hanly Laura Hanly Content Marketing

Just Some Of The Things You'll Learn From The "Simple Quote Sheet"...

  • The 3 things in calculating you base cost that can make or break your quote from the get-go
  • The business expense everyone has, but fail to charge for
  • How to make sure you don't mess up quoting, and how to deal with it if you do
  • The one little thing that can literally destroy your business, and how to make sure it never happens to you
  • Dealing with the challenge of clients in multiple countries and currencies and how to make sure you don't pay the price for working internationally
  • How to get the benefit of broadening your clients internationally, without it costing you a cent
  • Making sure you get paid and don't get left high and dry from clients who try to take advantage of you, and still look like the good guy

Ask yourself, how much would you pay for a consultant to take a look at how you are charging and come up with a solution for you? How much would it cost to have them create a custom tool and then teach you how to use it? $1,000… $5,000… $10,000+!

I mean, hell… I charge $497 for just an hour of my time consulting. And it took me more than an hour to put the sheet together, test it and write a guide on how to use it.

But I’m not going to sell it to you for $497

I’m not going to to charge you $297

Now sure, I could sell it for $97 easy. At that price it would fly out the door. I mean, how much do you lose every time you quote a client? $100 per job… $500 per job… $1000+ per job? It’s totally worth it even in it’s current state. But… I feel like if I’m gonna go out of my way to sell it properly and get a much broader test of people trying it out, I want to create some sort of incentive.

So here’s the deal… I am going to sell this for $97… WHEN IT’S FINISHED. But right now, the product, as far as I’m concerned is in open BETA (that means it works, but needs a few tweaks to get it right for sale).

So as a special offer for my buddy Darryl Rosser and because I have gained so much value from his Lion Zeal Mastermind Facebook group… I’m going to offer all Lion Zeal Members (yes this means you!) access to the “Simple Quote Sheet” for only $47…

BUT there is a catch...

You must be actively freelancing, running a business or starting a business, I need people who are going to use the spreadsheet actively and give me feedback on any issues they may be having or improvements that could be implemented. I am not interested in donating another tool, to the freebie hoarders out there who will never actually use it. That’s why I'm charging $47 for the test product. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have money on the line, you will use it.

So what's the benefit to you? If you help me test this product to its full potential, I will give you the final fully completed version and all its add-ons… FREE. That’s right essentially by being an early adopter, you get to buy the full product which i will be retailing for $97 that’s almost HALF PRICE!

Naturally I’m going to also ask you for a shameless plug and a testimonial… BUT ONLY IF YOU 100% LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Finally… if you are not 100% happy and if the "Simple Quote Sheet" does not completely change the way you think about charging your clients and make you money. At the end of the 90 day trial period, Just email me and I will issue you A 100% REFUND ON YOUR MONEY!

So wait a minute, you get EARLY ACCESS to this product, you get a COPY OF THE COMPLETE FINAL VERSION FOR HALF THE RETAIL PRICE and there is 100% NO RISK TO YOU!

Oh and one other thing…

I am only keeping this offer open for a limited time. Hell if it get’s too crazy I might have to shut this thing down early, for all I know it could be a week or it could be a day. But I can only handle so many at this price. Not that I don’t want to sell more… but if I have too many people emailing me feedback it’s gonna get a little tricky to manage.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to use the “Simple Quote Sheet” extensively to get the real value out of it. I know this tool works and is effective in changing the mindsets and the way my clients quote. So here it is, I will give you a FULL 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, that’s right I want you to use this tool for a full 3 Months. If you haven’t made 10x what the “Simple Quote Sheet” cost you I will give you a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED your word is good enough for me. There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you.

Buy Now For Only $97

Buy Now For Only $47

Your "Simple Quote Sheet" and user guide will be available for instant download after payment

PS. If you buy today, I will also throw in my "Simple Scope Template". Now that you are going to be an ace at quoting, you need to present it somehow to your client right? You can use this template to get your quote to your prospective clients and look so professional doing it, they'll think you've been at it for years.

PPS. Finally, the "Simple Quote Sheet" is just the first in a suite of tools that are currently under development. For a limited time only I am offering lifetime membership. So not only do you get the "Simple Quote Sheet" for half the price, but you ALSO get access to the rest of the upcoming suite of tools that form part of our "Freelancer's Blueprint" FOR FREE. With each tool selling independently for $97 each, we are talking a total value in excess of $500! BUT this is only for a super limited time!

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